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PhD student position, to work on a collaborative research project

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Post‐Doctoral Fellow opportunity in “Carbon Nanotubes‐based biomaterials for Neuroregeneration and MR Imaging follow‐up of the Recovery”


The objective of this fully‐funded 2‐year post‐doctoral fellowship is, in a first stage, to develop innovative 3D scaffolds based on carbon nanomaterials and conjugated polymers for neuronal tissue regeneration and, in a second stage, use magnetic resonance imaging techniques to follow up the recovery of the neuronal tissue after implantation in an animal model of disease. The project is developed in collaboration with the research neuroscience center Achucarro (Bilbao, Spain) and SISSA (Trieste, Italy). The applicant will be responsible of the synthetic part, of the magnetic resonance studies (in coordination with the MRI platform personnel of biomaGUNE) and of the collaborative work with the different institutions, as well as of the supervision of PhD students.

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