Luis Liz-Marzán Advanced Materials Laureate

Luis Liz-Marzán awarded the 2017 Advanced Materials Laureate by the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM). This distinction recognizes “outstanding research in Materials Science and Technology which may relate to Biological, Chemical, Engineering, Medical and Physical Sciences.” The Prize is awarded based on contributions made through work done during the ten years preceding the year of the Prize.


Defense of the PhD Thesis of Ana Isabel Bocanegra

Ana Isabel Bocanegra will defend her PhD Thesis entitled "Nanoparticle Biofunctional iron oxide nanoparticles as vaccine adjuvants for enhanced anti-cancer immunotherapy" on Friday22nd of December at Centro Carlos Santamaría UPV-EHU. The defense will start at 12.00pm


Marek Grzelczak Young Researcher Award

Marek Grzelczak has been awarded with the 2017 Young Researchers Award from the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry (RSEQ)