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Research Units

- Soft Matter Nanotechnology

Personal data

Sergio Enrique Moya-Principal Investigator

  • Email: smoya@cicbiomagune.es
  • Telephone no.: +34 943 00 53 11
  • Mobile no.: +34 943 00 53 15
  • Address: Parque tecnológico de San Sebastián
    Ed. Pº Miramón 182, Guipúzcoa

Sergio Moya got his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the National University of the South, Argentina. He finished his PhD work at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Germany (2001). Afterwards, he held two post doctoral positions, first in the Collège de France, in Paris and then in the Nanoscience Centre in the University of Cambridge, UK. Before joining CIC Biomagune he worked as Research Scientist for the National Council of Research in Mexico. His doctoral and post doctoral research has been concerned with nanotechnology employing elements of soft matter and biomolecules, and with supramolecular chemistry.